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Sketches & Revelations
Eddie Dattel

Eddie Dattel's songs reflect a variety of musical styles from sixties folk to contemporary jazz.
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Looks Like Rain
Eddie Dattel

You're fucked if you don't buy this CD.
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Dust the Dust
Ghost Town Blues Band

High energy blues with a respect for tradition. Not your same ole, same ole.
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The Art Of The Motorcycle--Songs Of The Open Road
Various Artists

The Art Of The Motorcycle is the ultimate road mix and includes classic rock and blues for the open road, produced specifically for The Art Of The Motorcycle exhibition.
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In The Mood For Memphis Vol. 2
Various Artists

In The Mood For Memphis Vol. 2 is a compilation CD of various styles and is the follow-up to the popular In The Mood For Memphis from 2003.
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Fried Glass Onions Vol. 3--Memphis Rocks The Beatles
Various Artists

While Fried Glass Onions--Memphis Meets The Beatles Vol. 1 & 2 were full of R&B and soul, Volume 3 really ROCKS...
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Lizzards Like Me
Wally Ford

The eccentric, fascinating, and often bizarre imagination of Wally Ford has been captured and recorded on his 1994 debut release. From rockin' psychotic numbers to thoughtful and provoking ballads.
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Matter of Time
Wally Ford & The Lizzard Kings

When Wally Ford appeared on the cover of Memphis Musician magazine, the music community took notice. Blending Beatlesque pop with Memphis roots music, Wally Ford & The Lizzard Kings make a solid rock CD with songs that are anything but ordinary...
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At The Same Place Twice In Life
Klaudia & Rico

The soothing, hypnotic sounds of Memphis' premier adult contemporary folk artist have been captured in this magnificent debut recording.
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